About EcoSystems
  EcoSystems was started in 1996 by Bay Area expatriates David and Haydi
Sowerwine. The company works to improve the welfare of Nepal's rural people by offering transport and energy systems that are safe, efficient, inexpensive,
and environmentally sound. To date, EcoSystems has successfully installed 32 WireBridges throughout Nepal.
EcoSystems office in ground floor

EcoSystem's main office is located in Afuldol, Lalitpur, just south of
Kathmandu city. Home and office occupy the same building, making for a short commute, long working hours, and an informal and friendly environment for meeting with rural clients.

Visiting engineers Will Beecher and Ewan Hobbs
observe K.C. at his workshop
  EcoSystems employs a staff of five Nepalis, who are generally in the field or at the R&D site located just south of Kathmandu's Ring Road along the Nakhu River. In addition, the input from several visiting engineers has helped us come up with new designs and to perfect old ones.


The work site at the Nakhu is for assembly, storage, testing, and demonstrations. We have a demonstration TarPul installed at the site as well as a short prototype of the WireRoad. Clients and donors are welcome to visit the Nakhu and take a ride on the TarPul before requesting a bridge of their own.


Visitors riding our sample bridge
at Nakhu
KC, our fabricator
at his workshop
  EcoSystems does not have a factory. We prefer to subcontract fabricating work such as welding and galvanizing to local shops. The quality of the work is excellent, and we believe in supporting small business whenever possible.
  For more details, e-mail us: ecosystems@wlink.com.np